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Don't Starve Together

Don't Starve Together

  • Play Don't Starve Together with other players.
  • Play with higher player caps.

Don't Starve Together is a multiplayer version of the 2.5D survival game Don't Starve.

The game follows a scientist named Wilson who finds himself in a dark, dreary world and must survive as long as possible. To this end, the player must keep Wilson healthy, fed, and mentally stable as he avoids a variety of surreal and supernatural enemies that will try to kill and devour him. The game's Adventure mode adds depth to the sparse plot and pits Wilson against the game's antagonist, Maxwell.

While there are ports of Don't Starve on Console and Mobile, this server is only intended to be compatible with the PC release.

1. Select a server

Select a server with the best ping and specs for your needs. Keep in mind this server may not be dedicated solely to you.

 | Ping: Waiting...
  • Low ping for NZ/Aus users.
  • High memory for larger worlds and more players
  • Lightning fast dedicated storage for fast load times
  • Ryzen 2400G CPU
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • SSD Storage
  • Ethernet connected to Fibre
Setup: $0.99 fee Costs 1x the regular rate

2. Select a tier

Select a tier of hosting that suits your needs, the higher the price, the less compromises. Exact prices will vary depending on the server you select.

Wilson Tier

Icon for the Wilson tier
  • Play with up to 6 friends
~$0.05 / hour
Maxwell Tier

Icon for the Maxwell tier
  • Play with up to 12 friends
  • Mods support
  • Priority server
  • Priority support
~$0.10 / hour

Selection completed!

Wilson Tier Hosting on nz0.yiays.com

Here's what to do to continue...

  1. Add Mr. Pukeko to the desired discord server if it isn't there already. (Ask an admin if it isn't yours!)
  2. Type in the following command in a channel associated with the game...
    p/server create dont-starve-together gsms-1 tier-2
  3. Follow the instructions provided by Mr. Pukeko from there.