What is PukekoHost?

PukekoHost is a game hosting service that makes it easy to start servers for your favourite games quickly, share them with your Discord server, and allow anyone to pay for uptime when they want to play. We also charge by the hour, instead of by the month, which makes it much easier to divide up payments between multiple people.

Here's how to get started...


Add Mr. Pukeko to your discord server.

Invite Mr. Pukeko

Select the game you want hosted below.

Supported Games

Choose the gameserver and tier that best suit your needs!

You're done!

Supported games


More games coming soon...

We're getting started with the games we're the most familiar with so we can support them the best. As the platform matures, we'll be able to support more games and we'll host polls here to vote on which we should prioritize.